About Andrea G. Shenkman and the origins of Career Growth Basics.

Hello. I am Andrea G. Shenkman.

Welcome to Career Growth Basics.

Thank you for taking the time to explore this "About" section of my CGB website.

I applaud you for following your curiosity to find out who I am and to explore how the Career Growth Basics System can add benefits to your career advancement plan.

This is where you will get answers to the following questions.

1.How did the CGB System get started?

The roots of CGB and its purpose.

2.What are the benefits of using the CGB System?

Example of putting CGB to work.

3.How can the CGB System benefit career advancement?

 List of CGB System benefits.                                                                               

1.How did CGB get started?

This section is about looking at the roots of Career Growth Basics.

When I research, I always like to start at the beginning...to get the basics!

This helps me understand the values used to create the information. 


Say hello to Pilgrim Cat.

Kindred spirits, she followed me around for four years.   

I miss her curious spirit. This walk down memory lane is dedicated to her.

There's an old saying that curiosity killed the cat. Well in my case that's not true. And, it was not true for Pilgrim Cat who enjoyed her investigations that, mostly, resulted in positive results.

By the way...the curious cat saying is based on an old proverb. During the early 1900's, this old saying was popularized as

"Curiosity killed the cat. Satisfaction brought it back".

One way or another, following curiosity results in information. Keep in mind that it is important to know what is not wanted or needed as this helps narrow the field of possibilities.

So...on with my story.

Like Pilgrim The Cat, I was curious from the start.

I was that pesky little kid always asking:

Where did that come from?

How does that work?

What's the reason for doing it that way?

My Mother's answer was:

"Look it up."

So, I did.

By the time I was a teenager, I knew how to get answers.....just do the research.

By the time I had my first grown-up job, I was very comfortable saying:

"I don't have that information; but I know how to get it."

And, I would.

And, I did.

And, I do.

By the time I was in my 30’s I was an accomplished researcher. It’s a skill I use in every aspect of my life to make a decision about moving forward.

Looking stuff-up gives me new information and presents new possibilities.

The process I use looks like this.


  • Curiosity leads to research.
  • Research provides new information.
  • New information opens new possibilities.

These actions form the basis of the four steps of the Career Growth Basics System.

The purpose of the CGB System is to help employees stuck in a rut looking for career advancement, develop skills and tools to create a personal career success plan.

Like Pilgrim, I've used my curiosity to investigate my environment throughout my life.

Keep reading to find out what some possible results look like. 

2.What can CGB results look like?

A story to show CGB System outcomes.

Remember that marketing job I talked about on the Home Page of this website?

Well, that research experience as assistant to the VP of Marketing resulted in an advancement to a position as Associate, Sales Manager.

I had tons of fun in that job. I worked directly with the sales force.

My curiosity and research helped me learn how to

  • Create Sales Sheets
  • develop product sheets
  • write case studies
  • Plan and create sales meetings for ten people and up to five hundred people.

My regular contact with the sales force gave me specific details about what they needed to be successful.

They talked and I listened.

This was the start of my work with career counseling. It wasn't part of the job description, but it became part of the work... an important and personally satisfying part.

It was just logical to move to the Human Resources Department when I got burned-out in sales.

The work in Human Resources activated a long-held desire to earn a college degree.

So, I did my research and entered college where I studied history and political science.

Curious questioning led to a master's program in marriage and family therapy.

My psychotherapy career took me into the community where I was offered a college teaching position.

Subjects I've taught based on curriculums I've created include:

  • Communication Skills
  • Listening Skills    
  • Relationship Skills
  • Problem-Solving/Decision-Making Skills
  • Critical Thinking Skills
  • Addiction Recovery
  • Relapse Prevention
  • Grief Recovery
  • Career Advancement.

Throughout this journey I've worked with individuals and groups and families and businesses.

Curiosity and research have been constant characteristics helping me create the Career Growth Basics System offered on this website.

3.How can the CGB System benefit career advancement?

The main benefits of Career Growth Basics are:

  • Learn how to research new possibilities.
  • Learn steps to take to pursue new opportunities.
  • Develop a positive perspective.
  • Define your career.
  • Define your success.
  • Learn what career steps work for you.
  • Learn what career steps do not work for you.
  • Learn to say no.
  • Highlight personal strengths and abilities.
  • Learn how to create action steps to develop a plan for career advancement.
  • Gain an understanding of how to organize skills and strengths and abilities to create a personal plan of action to create......


I invite you to study the four steps of the Career Growth Basics System.

Create your career progress plan by tapping into your own:


1.Curiosity leads to research.

2.Research provides new information.

3.New information opens new possibilities.

Start your journey to your career, your way.

Go HERE to start working the Career Growth Basics System.

Live in the possibilities.