How Career Growth Basics guides development of strengths to create career success. 

Career Growth Basics is a guide that supports the development of strengths and abilities. Exercises promote self-reflection to open new possibilities for the creation of a plan to get out of a career rut and get on a path to career success.

No tests. No deadlines. The program is self-paced.

You are in charge. 

Expected outcomes of the CGB System include:

1.   Strengthen basic life skills through assessment of past and present and future career actions.

2.   Develop core personal tools to plan actions that lead to career development.

3. Turn current strengths and abilities into habits that build and support the career success of your dreams.

Guided, thoughtful reflection is the core of the CGB System. This puts you in charge and inspires curiosity to increase knowledge about the ways to use current skills to break free of career stagnation and move toward career growth.

What links curiosity to the Career Growth Basics System?

Curiosity is an important aspect of who I am. Since childhood, I've asked questions about how things work. My parents were good at explaining but even better at showing. As a result, I learned at a young age the value of having the right knowledge for the job to get the task done.

A good way to explain this is through a story about how my childhood summers were spent.


Here is my story about discovering how following curiosity can result in benefits.

Each summer of my childhood, my parents planted a garden. The fruits and vegetables grown in our backyard were cultivated and picked and preserved by all family members.

This yearly family tradition showed me how:

*Experience expands knowledge.

*Every person has a purpose.

*Every thing has a use.

Here are a couple specifics to illustrate this idea.

>Weeds and grass clippings and falling leaves were composted into mulch to spread on the garden before winter. This not only enriched the soil; but it also helped keep the ground warm. My Father called it the garden's blanket.

>There was a large oak tree in our yard. As I said, the leaves were raked into the compost pile. But, throughout the spring and summer and fall, the acorns that fell off this tree were collected and given to farms before planting.

Yes. We recycled long before recycling was a "thing".

These childhood experiences planted the seed for my interest in looking for possibilities in life.

I took this perspective with me into my first "grown-up" job at a pharmaceutical company.

I was administrative assistant to the VP of marketing. Tea marketing department was about generating ideas. It was a creative atmosphere that made the daily work interesting.

All new proposals had to be backed up with credible data. Usually, this material was easily collected from the company library.

Keep in mind that this was before the internet was what it is today.

One day my VP Boss came up with a new idea during a brainstorming session. No one at the meeting was able to contribute credible data for the concept. I volunteered to do research to determine the possibility of going forward to create a project around the concept. I knew there had to be knowledge about this in a library.

I bypassed the in-company library. Having done research in the past, I was sure I needed a larger source of information.

With the help of the Librarian at the local library, I was able to obtain the needed credible material.

I wrote the report. Typed it up. Listed the credible sources.

My report was reviewed at the next brainstorming session. The decision was made to begin the process of creating a marketing campaign around my report.

The result was that I became known as a credible source of Information for evaluation of marketing concepts.

I put a new skill on my resume.

And yes. It eventually led to a promotion.

So, what is the reason I am highlighting this here?

Well, there are a few reasons.

FIRST: to emphasize that Career Growth Basics isn't about writing papers and taking tests.

SECOND: Career Growth Basics is a guide that helps build knowledge about using current strengths and abilities to overcome career stagnation.

THIRD: Career Growth Basics is about working to increase understanding of how personal skills can be utilized in the creation of a path to the career of your dreams.

This is a good way to summarize the CGB process.

Follow curiosity


Explore abilities


Increase knowledge


Develop wisdom


Open life’s possibilities.

The Career Growth Basics process gives you the tools to create a progress plan leading to career advancement.

What does the CGB System process use to help develop the tools to create a career progress plan?

The Career Growth Basics process uses targeted questions to place a focus on personal strengths and abilities and characteristics.


*No tests.

*No homework.

Guided self-reflection takes you through a detailed review of your work history. It looks at:

  • Your present work status.
  • How you achieved your present work status.
  • What your dream career looks like.
  • What actions to take to work towards career success.

And what is the purpose of this focus?

A.   To build understanding of strengths.

B.   To increase knowledge of the best way to use abilities.

C.  To open possibilities of different applications of abilities.

It is this type of awareness that evolves into the creativity to develop the tools to develop a career progress plan for success. 

Act now to start your Career Growth Basics journey by reading the INTRODUCTION SECTION of the CGB System.

Live in the possibilities.

Best regards,


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